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Largest box scrape on a 430

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Hey, I'm torn between keeping my 430 or selling it to get something larger, like a Ferguson 35 or 135. I've got 8 acres, have about 2 acres to mow, close to 1000' of gravel driveway to maintain, and may eventually have a small garden. The main reason for wanting something bigger is to pull a box scrape. How big is too big? I have Carlisle ag tires on the back that are weighted. 4' blades are hard to find and expensive when you do find them. My dad has a 5' that I could use, but I'd have to change pins, which is no big deal. Would it pull a 5'? I know it would a 4'. Thanks!
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It wouldn't like a 5' unit at all; even if it would pull it (which it won't unless you're only moving rice around on the driveway), 99% of 5' box blades will be too tall (pin height) for your machine.
To get a decent blade and tractor. You are looking more for something like a Deere 3038E.

The 430 can pull a lot, but I would guess if the ground is hard and you have a 5'+ blade. The 430 won't be heavy enough to do a decent job. I've always used weights on the box blade, and have my 3 point setup for down pressure. But, I've been working on a mid-mount blade. After seeing up close, they just do a better job leveling potholes.
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A 1,000 feet of gravel driveway is a L O N G way!! :swow:

I have 1,400 feet,, I feel a 430 is more suited to 100 feet,,,

THIS will do 1,400 feet,,,

And THIS is my tool of choice,,,

I have a grader box,,, it is in the weeds,,,, somewhere,,,,, :dunno:
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Yep, thats what I need! Wanna swap????

I may be exaggerating, it might be 900'. I partly think I can justify the purchase with the wife and partly want a vintage tractor since can't afford an old car or truck ;). I've found a early 60s Massey Ferguson 35 diesel with power steering and can get a 5' finish mower cheap. I'm afraid I'll miss the mowing capabilities of the 430, which is what it'll be used for 75% of the time. I can't justify spending the money to buy one outright at this time since I've got 3 small kids and we just bought this house, gotts see how the bills shake out.

Thanks for the replies!
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If you just need to do routine maintenance, before the driveway gets bad with ruts/holes/etc, then the 430 would do great with a 5' land plane if you can find one or build one. ~1,000' isn't a big deal at all, unless it needs major work (possibly a matter of borrowing/renting a bigger machine the first time).
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