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Large frame powering steering boot

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Hi guy,does anyone know if any other manufactor used the same cylinder thats used on the HT-tractors for the power steering,as most of you know once the rubber boot cracks and breaks there doesn't seem to be anyone that has them,not even Sonny's or Samsbolens, I have the chance to have exact reproductions made,would look like the factory boot,,of course there is the usual tool set up,if I can't find any NOS ones I may persue having this done,still waiting for exact cost,I do know I have to buy 100 of them,how many guys would be intereted if I can put this together,I know cost means alot,as it does to me also,just trying to see how far to go with this,once the boot cracks and breaks it can lead to major problems down the line,I'm guessing from talking to them looking at around $50.00 ea,but maybe less,let me know what you think, Thanks, Rick
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Do they use the same boot on the older power stearing used on the 1886's?
Not sure about that,bit would guess so,I can't believe no other manufactor used this set up
I was I just seeing if I could be any help I have 3 nos power steering set's for the 1886's.
I was going to pull them out and see what boot you were talking about and see if I could find them around my area.
If you sell them for $50 there would be many takers!
Rick, I would take at least 2 at that price.
Thanks guys,once I get more info,I will let everyone know, Thanks, Rick
Sorry, after re-reading the post you are talking about only the boot for $50......I thought you were talking about the cylinder. Not so cheap sounding anymore.
I think the price is going to be fair,being that they aren't around anywhere anymore,if someone has them,please let me know,this product will be a better quality than the factory ones,they will be made of a more chemically resistant material,the oils and battery overflow problems is usually what ruined them,I hope the price will be a little less,will see,Rick
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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