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Large frame muffler parts

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My muffler fell off my machine. Rust and bad welds are the main culprit. When new were these one assembly with parts welded together or did the outer shroud come off ?

Mine is loose but it could just be rusted out. Trying to figure the best way to fix this. Also the bend near the exhaust port flange, is it 90 degrees or less than 90?

On my 1886 it is angled in towards the tractor. More narrow near the head lights than the exhaust port of engine.

Cool fact With no exhaust the kohler sounds cool like a chopper motorcycle.
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Cool fact With no exhaust the kohler sounds cool like a chopper motorcycle.
It may sound cool, but actually it is burning fuel real hot with no back pressure, pretty soon it will start burning the exhaust valves.

Replace that muffler, if not for your hearing, for the back pressure factory spec uses to keep things cool on the exhaust side, extending lifespan.

The real ***** is that the studs in the block are prob so far gone to rust that they will have to be cut, then drilled out, re-studded, in order to mount a new muffler. That job sucks.
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100% agree on burning exhaust valves. Done it before on some beater push mowers. Going to fix the muffler. Neighbors already turn their nose up at my rusty tractor loud rusty tractor will get me banned. Except when I snowblowed 3' off snow off their driveways last winter then they loved it haha

I'm going to machine a new flange and weld a new radius on the end to the rest of the muffler. Just wondering if I can pull off the shroud outside the muffler? It needs a few spots pounded out flat and some rust cut out and re welded.

The block studs are wallowed out. I put a nut and bolt with lock washer and it seems ok. I used wood stove rope gasket and the glue it comes with to make a gasket. Seems to keep it from leaking. What is the correct type of material to use for a gasket?
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