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L4202DT harmonic balance.

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I have a L4202DT kubota with a side mounted harmonic balance on a VT1502 Engine.

The previous owner has played around with this balance and I am not sure it has been set up correctly.

The give away was broken bolts and cross threaded bolt holes.

I am in the process of reinstalling this balance, there are factory marks on the gears inside the balance so I am assuming the weights are set ok.

The issue I am facing is the factory marks on the main drive gear do not seem to lineup with anything. I have ordered an Engine workshop manual but I don't think the harmonic balance is covered by the engine manual.

If anybody has an information about this dynamic harmonic balance it would be helpful

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I don't know but I also don't know what you mean by side mounted. Can you post pictures?
Hopefully someone will come along with some answers. I don't know.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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