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L4202DT harmonic balance.

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I have a L4202DT kubota with a side mounted harmonic balance on a VT1502 Engine.

The previous owner has played around with this balance and I am not sure it has been set up correctly.

The give away was broken bolts and cross threaded bolt holes.

I am in the process of reinstalling this balance, there are factory marks on the gears inside the balance so I am assuming the weights are set ok.

The issue I am facing is the factory marks on the main drive gear do not seem to lineup with anything. I have ordered an Engine workshop manual but I don't think the harmonic balance is covered by the engine manual.

If anybody has an information about this dynamic harmonic balance it would be helpful

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The Harmonic balance is mounted on the side of the motor and driven from a drive gear near the injector pump.

The harmonic balance gears also drive the loader and power steering pumps.

The attached schematic of the balance is not quite the same as on my tractor but it is similar


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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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