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L3750DT Problems

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Hi Folks, Just found this forum, looks like the place for tractor folks to hang out.

I bought a L3800 last week with only 14 hours, because our old L3750 needs work and will be down for awhile, need two tractors anyway. So far I love the 3800. Will get some pics up here soon.

I have some ?s about the 3750, we bought it used about 10 years ago, is well used but has been a good tractor. It has 2066 hours and the 4WD front end is worn out. The splines on the front pinion gear are striped, the couplers and splines on the drive shaft are badly worn, the front axle, pivot point supports are badly worn and there are no grease fittings there?

Out on the ends of the front axle, were the top of the hub pivots, there is a large bushing deal. That whole mess is badly worn, with lots of play and again, no grease fittings, also looks like none of the gear oil below can get up to the top bushing.

Is this normal wear? Is there a good fix for the hub bushings? There is a replaceable bushing in there, but looks like the housing is badly worn. Anyone else here with similar problems?

I'm on my way to the dealer to order parts, but will need to get creative with the hubs and center pivot points.

Any help or insight here is most welcome and appreciated.

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Well, I ordered the parts. $$$... Found out the tractor is a 84 model, was told it was a 91 when we bought it. That helps explains the excessive wear a bit.

I think from now on I'll leave the FEL off when mowing, just to take the extra weight off the front end. This should help.

Any other L3750 owners here?
Man, this place is slow! :eek:

Is there another Kubota place that has more action? This site, or other?
Thank you, Ron!

Hopefully it'll pick up around here.

Thanks, Dave!

Parts have been ordered and will be here today or tomorrow, $800+. The big expense was the ring & pinion gears. Dealer did give me a 10% discount, not much but helps.

After replacing the bushings in the front axle pivot/mounts, I'm going to add grease fittings there. Every other tractor I've seen has them at the front axle, 4wd or not.

I'm still having trouble understanding the upper knuckle bushings at the hubs of the front end. This bushing is above the oil level and has no grease fitting either? One side just needs a new bushing, the other side has worn into the housing pretty bad. Got to fix it, as a new housing is too much $$$.

This front end is likely used on other earlier models, so if anyone else has been through this, I appreciate any insight.

On a more positive note, I love my new L3800! :trink39:

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All parts replaced, grease fittings add. Runs a works great. Although the parts were pricey, it sure is nice to be able to get em for an older tractor.

Welcome to the MTF. I think a lot of people leave their front axle engaged even when it is not needed which speeds the front end wear. I'm guilty of doing this too but do take it out as much as I can remember.
Thanks for the welcome.

Yeah, I'm guilty too. From now on I'm in 2wd unless 4wd is needed.

Also, the loader comes off during mowing season, that's a lot of extra weight on the front end. This extra weight added to the wear of the front axle pivot mounts and the added slop contributed to the drive line failure.
Hey bluegill2, How is the L3800 working for you? I've looked at one two times now and other model tractors in same hp range and I'm liking the Kubota the best right now. Two different dealers are quoting different $ amt for the same tractor. It is plain jane gear drive with quick detach loader. Naturally the lower price one is about 100 miles farther away. If I bought from the distant dealer I wonder if the closer guy would honor warranty work?
Merlyn, I love my new L3800! I also got the basic model with gear drive, 4wd and loader. My old L3750 has HST, but I've always liked the simple gear drive best. I looked at Mahinder, JD and Massy and feel the Kubota was the most tractor for the money. I'm also partial to orange anyway.

If I were you, I'd try and work a deal with the closest dealer, tell him the price you got at the other one. I personally would not buy at one dealer and try and have a closer one do any warranty work. Also different dealers have different over heads costs, so the price will vary from one to the next. Your closer one might have a bigger/better service department?

Just get one, you wont regret it. Good luck!
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