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L3750DT Problems

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Hi Folks, Just found this forum, looks like the place for tractor folks to hang out.

I bought a L3800 last week with only 14 hours, because our old L3750 needs work and will be down for awhile, need two tractors anyway. So far I love the 3800. Will get some pics up here soon.

I have some ?s about the 3750, we bought it used about 10 years ago, is well used but has been a good tractor. It has 2066 hours and the 4WD front end is worn out. The splines on the front pinion gear are striped, the couplers and splines on the drive shaft are badly worn, the front axle, pivot point supports are badly worn and there are no grease fittings there?

Out on the ends of the front axle, were the top of the hub pivots, there is a large bushing deal. That whole mess is badly worn, with lots of play and again, no grease fittings, also looks like none of the gear oil below can get up to the top bushing.

Is this normal wear? Is there a good fix for the hub bushings? There is a replaceable bushing in there, but looks like the housing is badly worn. Anyone else here with similar problems?

I'm on my way to the dealer to order parts, but will need to get creative with the hubs and center pivot points.

Any help or insight here is most welcome and appreciated.

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Don & Ron, unfortunately we don't get many posts on the L series and larger around here. Must be cause they must not break much :D Course we all know that mechanical things will eventually break and/or need servicing.

The lack of grease zerks in the front driveshaft is soemwhat concerning but doesn't seem to be isolated to just your model. My 04 BX23's front driveshaft doesn't have them either. We had another member remark how he found his slightly older BX shaft & coupler worn out. The boot was torn covered the joints. He indicates that he's going to include inspection and greasing of the joints during his regular servicing. I know this isn't any help to your problem but I post it to show that the front axle can wear across model lines. No doubt extreme service contributed to the wear.

Have you already ordered the parts? If so keep us appraised of how it's going.
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