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Good day all! First post on the CUT forum, so please be kind!

I'm a volunteer at a non-profit ag museum ( We have a donated almost-new L3400 tractor, with a donated AB-Eagleline 2 head plow on the rear. Of course, there are no manuals or instructions for either.

I'm going nuts trying to figure out how to hook up the plow attachment to the Kubota rear, especially the up/down of the plow attachment. There are many arms, turnbuckles, and bolt holes on both the tractor rear and the plow attachment. I can raise/lower the plow using the hydraulics, but only get it up about an inch above ground level. So the shares scrape the ground/asphalt when I drive to the fields. Lower the plow, it works fine. Raise it - it sure seems it should come up a few inches higher.

Can someone please point me to where I can find an actual step-by-step initial attachment and setup of the plow to the tractor? Just fiddling with the different arms, turnbuckles, and bolt holes is really frustrating, especially with a plow that weighs nearly 500 pounds.

Tom in Connecticut

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Muscling 3PH implements is never fun! I'm not a Kubota expert and am unfamiliar with that particular plow, but I may have some general recommendations. The top link is what controls the height. If you have room to shorten it (by turning the turnbuckle tighter) it will add clearance when raised. Some implements have multiple pin holes, so sometimes you can get more lift height this way. :)

The top link is what is sticking above the folded ROPS.
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