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L3010 Starter problem

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Long story short, I can jump the starter and start the tractor. What I can't do is isolate where the fault is yet. Think I have a problem with the black wire with white stripe from the back of the ignition switch to the starter.

I can get continuity from the connector attached to the starter relay down to the starter. I can't get continuity from the connector behind the dash connected to the ignition switch to the the connector at the starter relay or the starter.

Obviously, what lies between?
Anyone have a readable wiring diagram? Not the one from the parts manual. I have that, and its just not suitably detailed of the areas I'm concerned about.
How can I test the starter relay?

I'm electrically challenged, so be kind. Thanks,
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Dave - thanks for the suggestions!

Will try the wiggle the pto solution first. That would be quick to test. I tested the clutch switch, it was ok.

I found a doc explaining how to test relays that I'll also be trying out next opportunity.

I feel like I have a $5 problem that's taken me 50 hours to isolate. Maybe $50, those relays aren't cheap.

Thanks again,
Tried the wiggling the PTO while starting, no luck.

Still need to test the relay and do more continuity checking.

Hate to have to dismantle the wiring harnesses behind the dash, but may have to to understand where the black/white goes, and why.
Wiring fault in the harness behind the panel under the seat. Couldn't see it from under or behind the tractor. Once the panel was off, I could see the damage to the wire. Was no bargain getting the handle off the 3-point drop adjust to get the panel off. Thank goodness that's over.
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