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L3010 Starter problem

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Long story short, I can jump the starter and start the tractor. What I can't do is isolate where the fault is yet. Think I have a problem with the black wire with white stripe from the back of the ignition switch to the starter.

I can get continuity from the connector attached to the starter relay down to the starter. I can't get continuity from the connector behind the dash connected to the ignition switch to the the connector at the starter relay or the starter.

Obviously, what lies between?
Anyone have a readable wiring diagram? Not the one from the parts manual. I have that, and its just not suitably detailed of the areas I'm concerned about.
How can I test the starter relay?

I'm electrically challenged, so be kind. Thanks,
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Welcome aboard fishpredator07, J.
I don't have a shcematic so all I can do is offer a few swags.
1) Sounds like a safety switch. I don't know if you tractor has one but most have a switch on the pto lever (will only start with the pto off) and anotehr switch on the range selector (must be in neutral).

Some even have them on the clutch pedal meaning you have to have the pedal depressed inorder to start.

The pto switch is usually the main culprit. If it has one, wiggle the pto lever while simultainiously trying to start.

Other than the safety switches you should be able to take 12v and apply it directly to teh start solenoids small terminal, which is how I figure your jumping it now but the small terminal is the pull down circuit and if it works as it appears, the problem lies in the wireing, safety switches and maybe even the key switch.
Good luck and if I happen across a schematic I"ll be sure to post it.
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