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L2900 Loader Hydraulics

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Have experienced times when loader has no downforce, always accompanied by noticeable engine lugging. All other movements okay. Also increased noise when this occurs. Suspect something plugging a spool port. Tried removing the respective up/down spool but stopped when great resistance was felt. CAn I try increase lift without damaging anything? What about quick start/stop tractor engine and let hydraulic pressure push it out, with adequate protection, of course.

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Welcome aboard lakeman.
I would be very hessitant to use the tractors hydro power to dislodge the spool valve. Your talking well over 1000 psi. Unfortunately I don't have any tricks of the trade to help you out. Normally they should easily slide out.
Look for any rust or corrosion that may be built up inside the spools cylinder that the spool may be hanging up on.
Good luck.
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Welcome Lakeman to MTF. Have you got it figured out? I'm not quite sure what you mean. Maybe you can try describing it to us in a different way.
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