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L130 steering king pin thrust bearing: p/n - source???

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This didn't show on, "search." So asking here. Got an L130 for very little cost last Fall. Reading about the steering, I realized there were upgrades for moving away from front wheel bushings to ball bearings. Also read there was an upgrade for the spindle vertical shaft to provide easier steering, in the form of a thin thrust bearing to be installed at the bottom of that shaft. Also read that the GreenPartsStore was good source. I got right busy and ordered what I thought was all of the above. Winter somewhat behind us now, I broke out the parts to get busy. Discovered I have 4 AM127304 bearings in sealed JD packaging. Also new washers and clips. NO thrust bearings for that vertical shaft. All from GreenPartsStore. Not only that, on their website now I cannot find the thrust bearings.
I have the wheel off and see that vertical shaft has about 3/8 inch vertical play. Not much of anything side-to-side. Lots of grease in there and in the wheel bushings. (The latter doesn't seem bad-no slop) Looks like it deserves those thrust bearings!!
Where do I find the thrust bearings??????? Apparently they are merely two flat washers and a very, very thin disk that has tiny balls in it? Looks flimsy to me when I finally found a youtube video of the whole thing.
Can anyone point me to a source please. Also, do they actually hold up well??
New at these JD riders, so thanks for, "bearing," with me here.....
Dennis in E WA state
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There aren't any in the L130. You will need a new axle and or spindle.

You maybe also be thinking of the poor-mans power steering upgrade. Its just needle bearings to make the spindle rotate easier on the axle. It provides no support as a bushing to reduce the play you mentioned. Is the looses of the spindle more of an up & down vertical motion? Just add some washers or do the poor mans PS mod. I wouldn't worry about it personally.

Take a look here:
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Thank you. Am ordering those. Their life expectancy will be interesting.
As for as life expectancy goes....My bearing assembly was in place for one season. That area is susceptible to a lot of dirt. Even with plenty of grease, all season long, they will need to be removed and cleaned yearly. And after one season of use, I saw damage to some of the rollers on the bearing and to the washers so they will likely be needing replacement soon. Maybe after two cutting seasons. But luckily they are cheap and worth it.
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