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L120 Won't start

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Two weeks ago it sounded like there was a vapor lock issue with it. It was making the surging noises that I have come to associate with that and blew out the gas cap & it ran fine.

This week it started doing it again, but would run fine if you turned the choke up. Then it stalled out. Yesterday I tried mowing again with the choke about halfway. It stalled out after about 15-20 minutes. Now it won't start at all. We have cleaned the air filter and the gas cap. We took off the fuel filter (which had little to no gas in it) and blew out the line to the tank & the first line toward the engine. Now there is no gas in the filter at all after cranking the engine.

Any thoughts?
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In no particular order:

Stuck float
Cracked pulse hose
Failed fuel pump

My bet is on number two, with three next. Stuck float is not likely. Do a search on "L120 Fuel ryanpf" in the Google Custom Search and read through the posts. You'll have plenty to go on.

Fuel filter very often show no fuel, but are working just fine. Lack of visible fuel shouldn't be a worry.

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