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L110 Surging at Idle

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Hi all,

Lately when I start I really need to mess with the throttle to keep the thing running. RPM's go up and down. I hadn't noticed this until just the last few weeks.

Heres' what I know.

I am the original owner since early 2000's.

I have cleaned or replaced the air filter a few times and maybe the plug once.

I haven't needed to run it much lately since the snow is finally over (hopefully).

I have around 420 hours on it.
I have used it to mow a smallish yard and blow out the snow in the winter.
It has been quite cold here lately below freezing for a week or so.
I have replaced the gas filter within the last year.
I do notice that the filter is never full of gas. 50% full at best.
I have never cleaned the carb or used any additives.
The engine hasn't given me any issues up until now.

Does this sound like a dirty carb? Bad pump?
Water ice in the lines?

Should I be looking into getting some Seafood or other additive in there. What is the best way to get water out of the lines.

Any advice would be appreciated?

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I've NEVER had a gas filter look full. I wouldn't be concerned about that one. I'd try some carb cleaner before tearing it apart....though, you may need to. See that the carb hasn't loosened up and be sucking air at the gasket. And could be the spring is out of adjustment or gotten weak.
When I took the bowl off my 208 a few weeks ago, there was plenty of crud in there. Ended up taking the whole carb apart, reaming and blowing. And yes, I had to replace both seals, the one on the bolt, too.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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