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L110 ,slow in reverse..

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Been noting my L110 doesn't go as fast in reverse as it will forward,which to some degree I know is "normal",most riding mowers with hydrostats,they are set up so the linkage doesn't travel as far in the reverse position .

I had to modify the linkage on my old Yard-Man to get it to back up on grades after it got many hours on it and after I did that,it was fine,the transaxle was in good shape still..

Other riding mowers I've had did the same thing,older Craftsmen and MTD's would lose some pulling power & speed in reverse,and all it took to get it back was a little shimming at the pedal linkage to gain more travel to the control lever on the transaxle..

I think the same thing is going on with the L110--after 450+ hours of use,the pedal linkage probably has some slack in it--if I mash the pedal with my heel it'll back up faster and there is no slippage,so I think the linkage is to blame.
I had changed the oil to Mobil 1 15W-50 last year when I first got it and the old oil looked good,no metallic in it,it still looked I dont think its an internal issue...

Before I peek under it and inspect the pedal & linkage,does anyone have any experience with this,and if so,what did you do to get reverse to work better ?..I'm not familiar with John Deere's ,I'm sure I could figure it out after looking it over,but I thought I'd ask here first...
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Can't help, but my experience is similar to yours with the L110. I have about the same amount of hours, changed the oil to Castrol 5W50 at over 400 hrs., and mine does not go as fast in reverse either.
Look at the forward pedal. The round part of the pedal assy that goes from the foot pedal down to the pivot assy. With your hand pull the forward pedal to the rear to simulate going in reverse [ do I need to say that the motor is shut off while doing this ? ]. Now look at the front edge of the fenderdeck and the round part of the pedal assy. They will be in firm contact limiting the speed in reverse. Bend this part of the fenderdeck rearward until the forward pedal ain't hitting no more.

Now the problem is the reverse pedal needs to be raised up. I used some slit radiator hose as a shim in the pedal pivot assy. You should be able to figure out where to put the shim.

Now you need to cut out the front section of the slot the reverse pedal is located in. You will find that when you go full speed forward the reverse pedal is most likely in solid contact with the front edge of the slot limiting the travel of the forward pedal. Tin snips and a hammer or channel locks to bend the trimmed portion out of the way.

I recently messed with a 435 hour L110 that had all the same issues.
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Thanks,I'll have to get it lifted up and see whats involved and do as you described...
I have no hills,so I haven't had any real issues using it this way,it is just annoying having it "crawl" in reverse ..

I have noticed some "free play" in the pedal between forward and reverse so I'm pretty sure the transaxle is fine,its just not moving the speed control lever enough in still pulls strong..this machine is used only to mow with,no other duty like hauling a cart,or plowing,and never has been..
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