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Working on a 2002 10247 for a friend and I notice it has a guide for the blade brake cable down by the handle bar pivot.

A 1999 10247 does not have it that I worked on a month ago nor does my 1999 10323 or 1995 10301. What these three mowers have is just a flat pc. of plastic ... that I never knew it's purpose other than to get in the way when you try and fold the handles down ... until earlier this Summer. It's pupose is to keep the handle bar / mounting plate pinch point from chewing up the bottom corner of a rear bagger "bag".

Anyway, the reason I ask about the "C" is I went to find the P/N of this way better "Blade Brake Cable Guide / Bag Guard combo" thing so I can get 2 for my 10301 & 10323. But when looking at plain 10247's (any year) the flat plate (93-3653) is shown in all the diagrams. However when I looked at a "10247C", the cable guide type (104-1013) is shown.

Also checked 10323's and L-B started using this better bag guard/cable guide combo in 2002 ... 2001 & prior 10323's had the flat guard.

Even more interesting is that 93-3653 is NLA and has been superceeded to the better 104-1013 per RCPW !!

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