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Kwikway Loader Owners Brace Arm Mount Dimensions

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Just picked up a Kwikway Loader which is missing the "Brace Arm Mount".

Any chance anyone owner could post up a few pics of it with the dimension ?

I would like to fab it up close to OEM if possible.

Wheel Horse version of course.

Missing Part Pic Below

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A few more pics.

The main center looks like 1/4 thick angle iron (maybe 1 1/2 legs) and the plate ends 1/4 as well. The other side is a snug to the Wheel Horse attachamatic on the front of the tractor. Looking forward to getting it running. Power washed the 418C and loader yesterday, looks nice.


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I had a member over at Redsquare respond and the pics are posted.

Kwikway Loader Owners Brace Arm Mount Dimensions - Wheel Horse Tractors - RedSquare Wheel Horse Forum

Thanks All
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