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Long time listener, first-time caller.
I own a Kubota ZD21 with a 60" Pro Deck that is surpassing my abilities to fix. The issue started with a broken deck belt, that I replaced along with a tension spring, for reasons I cannot remember at this time. It was super easy, barely an inconvenience until the new belt promptly snapped in two. Not to be outdone by a simple but fun lawnmower, I began troubleshooting by doing the maintenance instructions printed under the Kubotas engine hood.
I also replaced all the bearings on the pulley spindles, new blades, and a shiny new belt!
I have a 5-acre yard, after two good mowings, this brand new belt that replaced my brand new belt is shredded and a few solid curse words from snapping in half....I cannot find ANYTHING online when troubleshooting my zero turn Kubota deck. Like looking for info on a Suzuki motorcycle and getting only Harley Davidson hits, nothing wrong with a Harley yet come on people, there are other manufacturers out there besides John Deere! I will admit my know-how for lawnmower maintenance is lacking and my patience for finding a solution to the problem grows thin quick, that said, from what I could find, my pulleys are spinning fine, new blades are balanced, all spindles have new bearings, main drive is PTO driven, belt is just to power the blades so that leads me to suspect the tensioner pulley/arm is public enemy number one; yet I don't want to just throw money at parts and not fix the issue. Since replacing spindle bearings did not fix the split personality belt cause, my initial diagnosis, I think I cannot trust my diagnoses abilities at this point, in all honesty, I am plumb out of brain lube regarding this issue so any help would be appreciated.
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