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I just swapped the Kohler CV732-3011 engine (23.5 HP) on my Kubota Z724 ZTR to a Kawasaki FX730V (also 23.5 HP). Please note I didn't purchase new wiring harnesses, conversion kits, etc. as they are very expensive. I just disconnected the wires off the Kubota, installed the Kawasaki and ran new wires directly from the battery & engine to the key switch per the wiring diagram in the Kawasaki Engine Service manual. All of the wires originally connected to the key switch are also still connected unless they were replaced with new wires directly to the engine or battery, etc.

The the engine runs great, charges the battery, the PTO works and I'm cutting grass! But, not all of the safety switches are "in the loop" so it's really not what I want my son to operate permanently.

The Kubota has 4 safety switches and 4 relays that I know of - parking brake switch, 2 steering lever switches, and seat switch. It appears that the steering lever switches are "in the loop" as they will kill the engine if "opened" while the parking brake is engaged. Also, the engine will turn over but will not start if the brake is engaged and the steering switches are "open". I believe the engine should be totally disabled in this situation so something isn't right here.

There are 3 wires that used to run from the old Kohler to the front of the mower toward all of the safety switches and relays. They connected to the Kohler with a wiring harness and a plastic 6 prong connector. Now, these are disconnected from the Kawasaki as I'm not using a connector and I really don't know where to splice them into the system.

Here's the breakdown on 3 wires that are not connected:

  • White on Kohler harness connected to Black/White headed to Kubota safety switches.
  • Red on Kohler harness connected to Yellow/White headed to Kubota safety switches.
  • Blue on Kohler connected to Blue/Brown headed to Kubota safety switches.

I can't find any useful Kubota wiring diagrams anywhere and they are very secretive about all of their technical information. Does anyone have one they can share? I'll take anything I can get my hands on at this point and any constructive advice is appreciated.

Thanks - Mike
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