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Kubota wg600 manual needed

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I'm looking for a service manual for a Kubota wg600 in a Cub 2182. I want to check the valve lash and do a tune up on it.

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I have access to all the operators/service manuals as work for the Cubs - if you can hold off till Monday, I'll get ya the specs.
They're both sweet! So that makes what, 4 Cubs you own now?
I see a lot of the BX Series at work, they're an awesome machine.
Apparently intake and exhaust lash specs are the same:

0.145-0.185 mm (0.0057-0.0072 in.)
Carbs aren't fun in the Kohler Twins. Just not. Are they easier on the Vanguards?

Double checked and no specification either way for hot or cold. If it were mine, I'd set them hot, or add a little to that spec and do it cold (easier). Better to have a little rocker noise than a burnt valve :)
I have mad respect for the Vanguards, haven't owned one myself though. I like the Commands because they are a very leak-free engine, very well sealed (with the exception of the oil drains). I like the sound of the Vanguard more. It has more of a growl to it :)
Thanks for the update! Glad you got it sorted out - how you like that Kubota engine? Got any pics of either models? :)
1 - 7 of 13 Posts
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