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Kubota T1760 Electrical Problems

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Greetings everyone.

I'd appreciate help troubleshooting a problem I'm having with my Kubota T1760 lawn tractor (about 900 hours).

Tractor was running OK this weekend, sputtered as if it had run out of gas and engine died. Attempts to restart failed; engine sounded different as if it was not firing.

Tractor has fresh gas, carb bowl was full of gas, cylinders were slightly wet. Thought the float might have been stuck so I pulled the carb and cleaned. No joy.

Pulled the plugs, grounded and saw weak yellow spark, pretty much equal on both sides.

I've had issues with poor connections in the past so I pulled all connections, cleaned, greased and put back together. No joy. I replaced the 3 safety switches, ignition switch, fuses and put in new plugs. No joy.

Not sure if I'm not looking at other electrical components like the igniter ($300+) or other components.

Any suggestions on other possible options for testing/resolution would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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Welcome aboard Bill.
What engine does it have?
Sounds like you've checked all the primary causes.
Certain engines have some certain failures that can be similar to yours.
Assuming it has overhead valves, and if it does, you might pull the valve covers and make sure the the valve train is working properly. Some models (Kohler CH and B&S's twins require valve adjustments at certain intervals and some are known to get enough play to where the pushrods either fall out or will not open the rockers enough for proper breathing.

Most times even a weak spark should atleast attempt to fire a cylinder. Another somewhat common occurance is the flywheel key can shear causing the engine to get out of time. You'll have to pull the flywheel inorder to see if that is the case.

Check the head bolts to make sure they are snug and if the engine has a fuel pump make sure it's providing fuel under pressure (sometimes it's just a squirt) to the carb.

Do those checks before you purchase anything else, especially a high $$$ item.

Let us knwo the engine model and we'll go from there.

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Many thanks Dave.

This is a Kawasaki 17HP OHV liquid cooled engine. It does have a centrifugal fuel pump that seems to be working strong.

One thing that is interesting that may hold a clue is the fuel filter .. normally, there is very little gas in the filter with normal operation and running. Since the problem arose, the filter is completely full .. gas is getting pulled to and thru filter when trying to start but not going anywhere beyond except for small amounts into the carb.

Thanks for the suggestions ... I'll pull things apart and have a look.


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I have the same mower with that Kawasaki engine. The carb in mine has had issues several times and I've become very adept at removing, cleaning and re-installing the carb due to these issues. On mine the needle valve would sometimes stick closed and starve the motor for gas. On other occasion the needle valve would stick open and the carb would flood with gas coming out the overflow tube. I had been using Seafoam fuel conditioner in the gasoline and later found out that the Seafoam had a tendency to swell rubber parts. I replaced the needle valve, which has a rubber looking tip on it, and the problem has gone away for the most part. During the last mowing season it developed another new problem in that it would run great for about 30 minutes and then die just like you had turned the key off. The mower wouldn't crank back up until it had sat long enough to cool significantly (an hour or so), then it would run another 30 minutes and the same symptoms would reappear. I suspected that the ignition module was failing or possibly the stators, but like you was hesitant to drop a lot of money on a new module without being certain that it indeed was the source of my engine's problem. I happened to find one on eBay for $50 that someone had purchased that did not solve his problem. I bought it, replaced the module and I was lucky enough that it cured my engine's problem. I know this isn't much help to you save to let you know that you're not the only one that has issues with this Kawasaki engine.

P.S. This same engine was used in several John Deere mowers as well as in the Kawasaki Mule. I did find an ATV dealer that had the module for $200...
Just don't buy the module (if you decide that is your problem) from Kubota as the price will be over $300 from them...
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