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Kubota L3400 HST with Loader (Length of trailer needed)

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If all goes well I just purchased a used L3400 HST with loader for $13k. The thing only has 70 hours on it!! I thought it was a good deal.

Now I need to find a trailer to haul it home. Can someone please tell me what size trailer I will need? How long is the tractor with the loader? I plan on getting a 60" rotary mower for the back so I need a trailer that will haul it all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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My goodness ! That's one heck of a trailer. In my language it's 5.4meters and carries 5.4ton. Wow. I'm just a little jealous. What are you going to pull it with ?
Post some pics when you can.
That's an awesome trailer. Very well designed. I can't see the suspension but looks like it's run out of travel ??? I may be wrong on that. Otherwise it's really nice.
Also you may want to work on your tie down technique. Those are nice straps, you wouldn't want to damage them. I'm no expert in the field and I have to work out a way to hold my little tractor on the trailer as well.
I love your tractor and FEL. What a beast !
Oh, yeah. I see it now. I can't really help you from this end mate. A few of my mates are general freight truck drivers and another mate owns a tow truck.
If you can talk to one of your local, more well respected tow truck, or better still tilt tray owners, I'd say they would have some valuable advice.
Just to make this reply a little more confusing I'll try to explain how a tilt tray truck might strap down the load. Basically they use one strap per wheel. The strap pulls each wheel directly sideways toward the closest side. Not diagonal in any direction, not sideways to the opposite side. There is also one more trick and that is they create a loop in the strap before putting it over the tyre. There are special straps to create these loops and they are used only for this purpose. And that's it. Not rocket science really. Every wheel is secure. That's all you need to do and it works fine.
Hope this helps.

I didn't see your reply there Bob. I'm a huge fan of chain, or what we call "rated" chain here in Australia. And I have to agree with Bobs' method as well. All good. Excellent advice.
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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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