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Kubota L3400 HST with Loader (Length of trailer needed)

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If all goes well I just purchased a used L3400 HST with loader for $13k. The thing only has 70 hours on it!! I thought it was a good deal.

Now I need to find a trailer to haul it home. Can someone please tell me what size trailer I will need? How long is the tractor with the loader? I plan on getting a 60" rotary mower for the back so I need a trailer that will haul it all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a B3300SU which is about 7 inches shorter than your L3400, but the tractor and loader with a box blade fits well inside of a 16 foot trailer even with the FEL on the floor. However, with a 60" rotary cutter on the back, the tail wheel and some of the cutter would probably hang off the back of the trailer if the FEL in down on the floor. I have seen some people haul the tractor with the loader down on top of the front rail but I don't like to do that. I would rather it be down flat on the floor of the trailer. I would think that a 20 foot or maybe even an 18 foot trailer would be more than big enough to get it all inside the trailer. Then again, I wouldn't worry too much about the tail wheel hanging off the back of a 16 foot trailer either. But that's just me. Either way, I think you would want at least a 16 foot double axle trailer.

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