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Kubota L3400 HST with Loader (Length of trailer needed)

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If all goes well I just purchased a used L3400 HST with loader for $13k. The thing only has 70 hours on it!! I thought it was a good deal.

Now I need to find a trailer to haul it home. Can someone please tell me what size trailer I will need? How long is the tractor with the loader? I plan on getting a 60" rotary mower for the back so I need a trailer that will haul it all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Use transport 70 chain, the gold coloured ones. For my Masseys, I've welded 3/8" grab hooks on the top of the bucket and a pair are pinned to the hitch plate at the back. One 15'x 5/16"chain with grab hooks for each end and a binder for each chain. Technically, two binders should be used for each chain since each chain is hooked to the tractor at 2 secure locations on each end and is effectively now 2 separate chains, but it's an awful job trying to tighten the second binder.

The chain should hook to the trailer ahead of and behind the tractor so the tractor can't roll forward or back, and by using both hooks on each end of the tractor, you prevent side to side motion as well, once the chains are tensioned. That slider hook in the middle is a no-no for tying down for transport. The chain will slip through it and allow the tractor to slide sideways, hence the added grab hooks.

Web straps, heavy loads and sharp edges don't mix. Your tie down method should try to pull the tractor apart, not squeeze it together like the set up that you used to get it home.
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