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My Kubota model plate says it is a L260. I keep finding parts for model L260P but I cannot find anyplace that tells me what the difference is between the two models. Does anyone know or know where I can find out?


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Looks like they are variations of the same basic tractor. Here's an ebay listing for an Owner's Manual for the L260 L260R L260RB L260RF and L260P:

Kubota L260 L260R L260RB L260RF L260P Tractor Owner's Operator's Manual | eBay

And here's another listing for a service manual for the L260 and L260-P:

Kubota L260P L-260-P L260 Tractor Shop Service Repair Manual | eBay

This is just a guess, but the letters at the end might be for for different optional factory configurations. Like the P might mean that the 3 point lift has position control vs. draft control. Or the different letter suffixes might have been used for different markets. Messicks parts lookup only lists the L260P, which usually means that was the only one sold by Kubota into the US market, and the others might be gray market, having been sold into other markets and then imported to the US by third parties. If it is a gray market model then parts may be harder to find if they are different from the official US model.
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