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Kubota fuel issue

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I have a bobcat 743 with a kubota diesel engine. Today out of the blue the engine lost power, ran rough, like it was loaded up and stalled. I had recently filled up with heating oil (off road fuel) fuel so thinking it might be the fuel, I Changed fuel filter, drained and washed out fuel tank, replaced fuel lines in tank, filled up with new diesel, bled the air out of the system. Got it running, will run at an idle, but when idled up, it starts to run rough and will stall. It will not restart after, once it sits for a few minutes, it will restart, idles alittle but then the same symptoms occur. I don't know if I got ALL the pink fuel out of the system, but I have a hard time thinking it is the fuel pump or injectors. Any suggestions please.
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You might have plugged up an injector or a pump screen maybe...

Try some Diesel Fuel Additive and mabye when it gets through to the clog it will disolve it and fix your problem.

BY what you describe I would bet something near the fuel pump screen or filter.
Welcome aboard speedfrk. Theres been similar type problems posted here with tractor models that uses electric fuel pumps. In several cases the wireing was either disconnected or damaged.
Does your Bobcat use an electric fuel pump?
If so are yo getting good flow out of it?
If not, are you getting good gravity flow to the filter and then to the fuel injector pump?
It sounds like the engine is fuel starved.
Good luck
Thank you all for your replies....but I think I found out the issue.....The freaking gas cap!! Apparently this is a common problem. I guess the gas cap goes bad, gets clogged or something, and will not let air get into the tank, basically causing the fuel system to vacuum lock. I read this in some of the forums, so I took my cap off, washed it with solvent, blew air thru it, and put it back on...ran good for a while then started to sputter and loose power....while it was still running, I quickly took the gas cap off completely and it smoothed right out and ran great afterwards. I plan on drilling two small 1/8 holes in the cap to let it get air in until I can get another cap. We shall see.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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