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Kubota F2100E Front Mower Problem.

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My direction control pedal does not return to neutral position. I have checked the linkage from front to back and do not see any springs or adjustments The linkage moves freely and is not worn. Does anyone know what will cause this condition and how to fix it ?
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Theres not many F2100E owners around so it's not so surprising your question has gone unanswered as long as it has.
I'll take a swag, unless the pedal/linkage relies on an internal return spring, there has to be some sort of return device, be it a spring or springs and/or a shock located somewhere on the linkages.
The BX series uses two return springs and a shock to soften the return. Same for the GR series.
Could it be possible that the return assembly has fallen off?
If all else fails, you can give a Kubota dealer a visit.
Good luck
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