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Kubota engine paint for engine swap B7100

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Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to follow!

I am doing an engine replacement in my B7100 HST new model and the D750 engine that I found has the dark blue original paint on it and the engine I am taking out has the ROPS grey like the rest of the tractor frame.

Question is : Do you just use the regular ROPS grey paint to do the engine or is there a higher temp paint for engines that I need to get. I plan on repainting it to match.

I have two cans of the ROPS paint # 70000-73806.

I think the D750/850/950 are all the same block/mounts just different rods/pistons? Even If I could find a good D850 to up the HP by a couple.

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I had to take off the air filter base bracket and weld it up on my Bx2330. I repainted it with Kubota factory grey. It's really close to the engine, and it's looking good. It's been a few years since I did this to. I'd try it if it were me. I painted my Fordson Dexta's diesel motor with the same paint I painted the tin work, and it did alright as well.
Hope this helps
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Thanks Capp, I figured it would be fine. Plus it is the only grey factory paint available.
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