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Kubota BX Series Steering Cylinder

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Hey, I'm starting up a little project and I need to know the dimensions of the steering cylinder for the Kubota BX series tractor. Would anybody have any info on this? I basically need the cylinder bore, rod diameter and the stroke. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Welcome aboard rewandy5
Neither my IPL nor WSM details this info on any of the hydro cylinders.
I suppose the cylinder can be measured.
What are you wanting to do, if I could ask?

It's a project I'm doing building a custom vehicle. I'd like to utilize the Kubota steering cylinder for the steering on the vehicle. I had chosen a Parker steering unit and sized an appropriate pump for it, but I have a specific cylinder spec that will work for the system and I need the dimensions of the cylinder in order to determine if it will work or not. I don't have access to one which is why I'm inquiring here.
Have you had any luck yet?

I can do some measurements on mine sometime tomorrow, they won't be exact but they should be in the ball park :D
No I haven't had any luck yet. If you could do a quick measurement that would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry for the delay, I've got some general measurements for you.
1) the cylinder is approx 9" long. It attaches to the front axle via some rounded type brackets (1 at each end) and the hydraulic lines (2) attach at the top @ either end.

2) the rams are approx 4" in length with the wheels centered. The ends are threaded and this is where the tie rods attach. Total length of the ram (4") and the tie rods is approx 9.5".

3) with the wheels cut hard right (or left) the long side ram extends out to approx 7". This would appear to give them a 3" throw per side.

Hope this helps. Let me know.
That's great. Thanks a lot for the details. The only thing that is missing is the rod diameter, and an approximation on the cylinder bore. An external diameter of the cylinder would even be sufficient, I can approximate from there.

I need these values to determine the internal volume to see how it will match with the steering valve I intend to use.

Thanks again!
External diameter of the cylinder rod = 1"
Look here for a cyl, that might fit your needs. Says to email them about shipping international.
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