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Kubota B7100HST Backhoe?

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Any idea if a Kubota B7100HST Backhoe will take some kind of a small backhoe attachment? I don't need anything spectacular as far as size goes, just a bit of a reach to clear out a small brook/pond on the property.
Any other info on the tractor would be appreciated as well, power steering, any inherent problems?
I'm looking at this one ......Mike
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Mike, the B7100HST is a good tractor and yes it can accept a BH. A quick google search turned up this B7100 w/a Bushhog brand BH for about the same price as the one your looking at. It doesn't include a snow blower tho.

At 1st glance I'd say that the price for both units are quite a bit higher than the other models listed on Tractorhouse but then again those cheaper units either don't have a BH or snowblower. I also have to consider that prices are a bit higher up in your part of the woods :D
421 hrs isn't much at all on these machines as they are designed to go 1000's of hrs inbetween overhaul/rebuild w/proper maintenance.

One thing yu can do is go to and and price new BH's and get the model numbers that'll fit the B7100 then keep an eye out on ebay, craigslist and all the other sales sites for used BH's.

I've got to add that one of the main reasons I chose the BX23 was because of the BH attachment and after I got my main projects done I barely use it now. It's nice to have in reserve if needed but I use it more for cutting up wood than digging :D
Depending upon your reoccuring needs, it might pay just to rent a small BH like a B21 or Terramite when needed. Course that depends on your needs and wants.

As far as the B7100HST goes, it is a good tractor.

Good luck
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Odd, I thought I had replied to your posting but I guess it's lost in cyberspace.
Thanks for the reply Dave. I'd rather by than rent that way I can work at my own pace (usually slow GBG) .
Any idea what size 3 point is on it?....Mike
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