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Kubota B6200

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Okay I have the B6200 now. Hydrualic question! Will the pump on a standard B6200 drive a Hyd motor to run a mower deck. I wont be useing the 3PT when I have the mower on. Or would I have to add another Hyd pump of the front of the engine?

Could someone tell me what hyd motor I could use to drive a mower deck. Could I use a DC volt Hyd switch to turn on the deck.

If I could use the same hyd pump where can I tie into the hyd syetiem. Can you make hard hyd lines like you would be making brake line for a hotrod?

I could sure use some help here.
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Heres a link to a free downloadable owners manual:
It may contain the spec's you need.
The B6200 makes enough hydaulic power to work the 3PH and an optional FEL but does it make enough to drive a hydraulic mower? Good question.
Heres a similar discussion:

The question didn't generate any responses for you in the Barn so I moved it to the CUT section to see if it does.
Good luck
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