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Hey guys,
Recently the (three point hitch) mower on my Kubota B5100E wouldn't lift up. At all. So I assumed it needs hydraulic fluid. Upon reading my manual I find out the "oil in the transmission case is also used for the hydraulic drive system".

When I undid the bolt that is supposed to be the oil gauge, I did not find a gauge but rather it was just a bolt and clear liquid flowed out. Also when I open the oil port, again clear liquid flows out. (BTW, I replaced both of these parts immediately to halt the fluid flowing).

So I assume there is enough oil in the system, right? If so, then why isn't the mower lifting? Out of curiosity, I disconnected the mower to see if the hydraulics would lift the empty arms but again, no luck.

Any ideas on what I should do now? Keep in mind I am new to mechanics. If you think I just need to bring it to a repair man rather than fiddle myself, just tell me!

If it is important, the manual says to use Gear Oil SAE No. 80 or equivalent.


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Patience, please. It is a holiday weekend.

Your tractor is listed as a SubCompact Utility Tractor (SCUT) on and I'll move the thread accordingly. Actually, in most categories it's closer to a GT than a SCUT.

Also, according to tractordata, your tractor supposedly has a manual transmission, while you indicate that it has a hydrostatic transmission. With a hydro, the implement lift hydraulics operate off of the charge pump and there should be a relief valve on the transmission near where the hydraulic lines exit. Remove the relief valve and inspect in the hole for debris and for a broken spring on the valve assembly.

There are other tests that can be performed if it still doesn't work.
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