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I was operating a B3200 in fairly heavy brush with a LandPride Rotary Cutter. Sometimes when doing this, the cutter gets bogged down and the tractor starts to stall, so I raise the implement (or quickly disengage the PTO) and everything catches up again. When it does stall out completely (I sometimes am too slow to react), I simply disengage the rear PTO, push the clutch pedal, and restart.

The last time the tractor stalled, however, it would not restart. There is lots of electricity, but the engine won't crank at all. Silence.

When considering my problem, please remember it was PTO "overload" that caused the tractor to stall, and the tractor had NO starting issues prior to this stalling event.

I know, you're thinking SAFETY SWITCHES! So was I, so:

- turn on ignition to give tractor power = dash and headlights work (new battery anyway, but voltmeter says all's well)
- engage rear PTO lever (when not seated), and hear the solenoid click in the engine = works
- engage the underside PTO (when not seated), and hear the solenoid click in the engine = works
- rock the speed selector pedal forward or back (when not seated), solenoid clicks= works
- press the SEAT SAFETY button under the seat (or sit on tractor) and ALL of the above switches disengage (I hear the solenoid "unclick") so the seat safety switch is correctly overriding the other switches (as I understand it)

I check the schematic drawings on the B3200, and as far as I can see, there are only four safety switches on this model (rear PTO lever, underside PTO lever, speed selector pedal, and two under the seat; the second unde rseat one has no button, and doesn't depress, so I don't fully understand how it works)

QUESTION: IS THERE CLUTCH SAFETY SWITCH? Because I sure don't see one on the tractor or the schematic!

From the above, would you agree my safety switches are operating correctly?

Some things I have done:

- worked ALL the pedals, neutral lever, PTO levers, brakes, differential lock, speed control, etc while holding the ignition key with no result
- checked fuses = all good
- checked battery = all good
- checked safety switches for debris or blockage = all clear
- engaged the PTO and rolled the tractor forward hoping to "reengage the clutch or gears" somehow
- disengaged the PTO and made sure the shaft turns freely
- removed the implement from the rear

Things I hope are irrelevant:
- there is still a mow deck under the belly, but locked upwards (PTO is still attached! Oh, could THAT be it?!)
- bucket on front created lots of weight forward (yeah, I am grasping here...)

Anyway, thoughts?

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I see it's been 5 months.

Just wondering what you found? How'd you get it to start?
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