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Some of you guys must think that I am crazy. I just bought a John Deere 4720 and now I am talking about buying another tractor. And the Kubota B3030HSDCC cab and John Deere 3720 cab have not only different price points but are also different in size. For this (serious) discussion let us consider the money as irrelevant.

The task is to mow around the three ponds (1.5 acre, 1+ acre and 0.5 acre), all with trees and grass around them, as well as the house which also has trees and grass around it.

My John Deere 4720 has R1 tires. Therefore it is useless to bring it anywhere near a lawn or grass area. I originally wanted to buy the John Deere x749 with a 60in mid-mount mower. But now I am attracted to the Kubota B3030HSDCC (air-conditioned cab, no mosquito bites…). Both the Kubota B3030HSDCC cab and the John Deere 3720 cab come with a 72in mid-mount mower.

For either the Kubota B3030HSDCC cab or John Deere 3720 cab I would order a PTO driven leaf blower to get the leaves away from the ponds.

Also my John Deere 4720 has a hydraulic snow plow for its FEL. I would order a front end snow blower for either the Kubota B3030HSDCC cab or John Deere 3720 cab.

Last but not least I will order an FEL - for small tasks around the house - for either the Kubota B3030HSDCC cab or John Deere 3720 cab.

So you might ask: What is the big deal if you have found the perfect second tractor in the Kubota B3030HSDCC cab?

The issue is that the John Deere dealer is 8 miles away and is very attentive to me (I have been talking with them since last November and bought the JD4720 there in June.) The Kubota dealer is more than 30 miles away and I just cannot connect with anybody there.

Also keep the following in mind:

The Kubota is lighter by approximately 800 pounds and shorter (in height) by approximately 6 inches. (I know, in either case my STIHL will be busy)

The John Deere has approximately 50% more HP which should help in any task but especially with the PTO driven leaf blower. (I can order a bigger PTO driven leaf blower with the John Deere.)

Also the John Deere can borrow all FEL attachments from its big brother (as long as I keep weight in mind).

Please help with constructive criticism and with your experiences.

Thank you,

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For mowing, lighter weight is benefitiary.
The B3030HSDC has also had great reports in snowthrowing. Do a search for "Kubota B3030 " on you tube for some good video's.
This one makes me want to throw some snow and we hardly get any :D
Needless to say you can probably guess my preference. :D

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IMHO, and I dont want to offend any 3000 series owners here, I think that if you go with the 3720 cab, you lose that good big tractor, little tractor combination.:hide: That said, I have read nothing but good reports from both tractors.

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Size for size, the B3030 cab tractor is one heck of a machine. It is the size of the Deere 2520/2720 with a 4-cyl diesel, 3-range hydro, and a factory cab. To get those features you have to go to the Deere 3x20 tractors, which are the next frame size larger. If size is important, go with the one that fits best. I'm not sure what to make of your comment about the Kubota dealer. To me, this is one of the most important parts of the decision process. Maybe you need to meet the owner, service manager etc and voice your concerns. That may sway you one way or the other. :)
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