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Kubota B3030

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I've been looking at CUTs for a while, i want a FEL big enough to be able to do yardwork, and a backhoe large enough to pull stumps, rocks and stuff from the property.
Ive mostly been looking at Kubota's, nothing against my prestige,i love it and the cut, snow-throwing etc. I considered the Legacy, but wanted something a little bigger.

Being a mechanofeeb, i am hesitant to get anything too too old, and have been leaning towards the Kubota B series.

I've been eying one from Sullivan county NY - Anybody from that area? please PM me, if you want to take a ride and look at a machine it would be greatly appreciated.

Any thoughts on the B series Kub's from what ive seen/read, they seem like a perfect mix, not too large, and still big enough to do most yard related tasks that i would want to do. My goal would be able to do part time work on the side some time in the future.

Im looking at a 2006 with 320 hours, a Woods 7500 BH (frame mounted) R4 tires. Looks clean, low hours, supposedly the 3030 is a great machine - No fancy fiberglass cab though, this would be used for summer work mostly, so i dont have a need for a cab.

Any thoughts/experience on the B Series?

And if anyone is from or near Sullivan county NY, let me know if you want to check out a machine. :fing32:


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Fine looking machine John..The price seems great!!
Well, if you're going to look at the Kubota B series you might as well start at the top :D :D
The B3030 is the top of the line B series. Along w/the B2630 they are considered the premium B series. The main diff between the 2 is the B3030 has a 30hp 4 cyl diesel and the B2630 has a 26hp 3 cyl diesel. Oher than that they are virtually identical.
Some of the features that set them apart from the std B's (B2320,B2620,B2920, B3200, B3300 & B7800) are:
1) position control 3ph. the std's have the 1/4" valve.
2) slide & pin 3ph arms. the std's have turnbuckles
3) tilt steering wheel, n/a on the std's.
4) better cruise control
5) higher hydraulic output
6) bigger frames & wheels
7) hydrostatic steering, the std's have power steering

The B3030/2630 use ground contact MMM's (similar to your Simplicity but no long rear roller) and the new std's (except for the B7800) now use suspended "BX style" MMM's. As you probably know, theres +/- for either and the debates have never been settled on which MMM produces the best cut :D

The B3030 & B2630 models have been around since approx 2006 and are due an upgrade as Kubota seems to redo the models every 4 - 5 yrs. The stds were just upgraded last yr.
The 2 main upgrades the std's got were:
1) all models now have 3 range HST's (previous models B7510/B7610 were 2 speed)
2) The B2320, B2620, B2920 went to suspended MMM's but the B7800, B3200 & B3300 retained the ground contact MMM's.

The B3030/2630 have 3 speed HST's.

When the B3030 1st came out there was "some" complaints about excessive vibrations in the steering wheel and HST pedal when operated at pto rpm. The majority of posters said it wasn't a problem for them but Kubota did come out with some rubber isolation on the steering assembly and I believe on the floor pan. I have personally operated a B3030 and never noticed any vibration but if you do a search on it you should get some hits.
The B2630's 3 cylinder has never been reported to have this vibration (as far as I know).

Some folks will recommend the B2630 over the B3030 as it costs less and has nearly the same capacities (3ph & FEL) and the same frame and wheels.

The main advantage the B3030 has over the B2630 is that it can be ordered w/a factory air conditioned/heated cab. It's the smallest tractor of any manufacturer that offers an OEM air conditioned cab. The OEM cab cannot be added after the fact, it has to come from the factory preconfigured. Search you-tube for B3030 snow blower and you'll see some mighty content folks listening to tunes whilst they clear the snow :D

When I grow up I've decided that I will be getting the B3030HSDC and mow my lawn in air conditioned pleasure :D

That B3030 you've posted is barely broke in. It should have already had it's 300 hr service done too.
I don't have the spec's but the digging capability of that BH is pretty impressive.
I see it doesn't have a MMM. That can be an $1800 to $2800 addon depending on whether you can find a good used one or have to order a new one. An RFM is an option that'll be less expensive if you do want to mow w/it.
Brand new a pkg like that "may" have run around $24K- 26K). Thats a nice pkg :D

Good luck SJ, let us know how it goes.
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Ditto on what Dave mentioned. Dave you covered it very well! The B3030 catches lots of eyes in the Deere section. They are a very special tractor and only one in their class on the cab version. I had a grey market Kubota before my 2305 and it was very reliable.:fing32:
B3030 is the machine of choice in its category.
Can't add much to what Dave said. Only negatives I've heard, and they are far and few between, was the occasional vibration issue and some think it's a bit tippy on slopes. Being in Maine, that might be a concern depending on your land. Loading the tires or using spacers seems to solve the issue (a subjective one at that) for owners with this concern.

Sure wish I was closer to it so I could check her out for you.
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