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kohler twin flat engines KT19, 17, 21

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I have a KT19 series II that threw a rod, considering rebuilding engine,
I can do most of the work myself but still would spend $2-300 in parts and machining , maybe less I haven't open it yet.
i have found litle info on this engines.
i know series one would not provide enough lubrication but it seems theres also a few series II with broken rods out there. was the problem really fixed, and some people just forgot to keep oil in engine?

is it worth rebuilding? any info appreciated

it would be used for hard garden work; FEL and power steering not for pulling
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When the KTs throw a rod they take a jug with it. It's gonna be a bit more than $200 to $300.

I think you're asking a bit much of it also. Look at the Vanguard 23HP.

whats a jug? (talking about engines.... i mean) the block? a piston?
i already have that half block,... another guy had the other side blown and gave me the have that i need.
The problems you see with the SeriesII and later 18 and 20hp Magnums are owner/maintenence failure related. Just plain failure to take care of good equipment!

I have two of the KT17 SeriesII engines that have well over 1000 hours of very hard work on them (SImplicity 7117 and 17GTH-L) Besides mowing they serve 100yards of uphill driveway snowplow work,they pull 10" breaking plows,push dirt and rock as needed around the place,pull trucks out of the lower yard when I get stuck, in other words whatever I need a tractor for they do.

I'll put them up against any similar Briggs twin anytime. Now against a CastIron Briggs single 16hp.......that's a real engine for hard work!
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Kohler is a good motor and I like them, I have a few. But if I was to start from scratch and had my choice I might look a Vanguard or Honda for longevity.

Vanguard is NOT Briggs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Made in Japan with BS name plate.

i cant spend $1,200
maybe $400, so i can try to rebuild or wait for a used engine/tractor with 16-18hp and live with it for now
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