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Kohler Quitting

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I have a Kohler 321 in my Case 644 I'm having an issue with
The output shaft is hooked to a hydraulic pump and I haven't used the attachment pulley.

I got the 644 a few months back and have been slowly fixing issues as they come up. Its now mostly functional and when the engine runs properly it runs great. I ran it for a good 6 hours straight two weeks ago, then the next day it ran not as good. Doesn't use any oil, and the level is right at halfway on the stick.

I ended up swapping the oil pan for another identical one this weekend -- the previous owner stripped out both bolt holes on one side. Its now mounted properly, but an issue I noticed a little before is now much worse

It'll quit without any real rhyme or reason, most of the time like I just turned the key off. It'll then start right back up like nothing happened. Sometimes it'll sputter for a second before it dies, and if I flip the choke up it'll splutter for a few more seconds before it dies, but there's no saving it. Again, immediately after it dies it'll start back up.

Where before it did this once in a blue moon, now I can't leave it idle for more than 2 min or so before it dies off.

I replaced the fuel pump hoping that would solve it, but no go.
Next step I guess would be the carb, ideas?

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Thanks Red!
That's great, I'll go through it this weekend.
Hate that there's no light when I get home now

This is my first Kohler; I've got 5 Briggs, so I've gotten used to just downloading a parts manual and ebaying the part number.
Kohler made this special, overly complex site to do parts lookups - that incidentally doesn't work on my mac (IE only, really?) - and it looks like my engine has a special model number just for Case/Ingersoll. The carb parts list includes all the external gaskets and then the carb itself. I don't want a whole new carb, mine is fine, but I'm sure the bowl gasket will disintegrate when I drop it.
Kohler makes carb kits for other K321 engines, am I fine just picking one up?
I've also got a tube of gasket maker, but I'd rather use one made for the engine...

Partstree has the parts listing for it -

Also, I'm sure the gas cap is original. It looks fine to me, how would I check it?
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Looks like it may have been the condenser
The muffler cradle wasn't mounted right on the frame; it beat against the condenser wire and broke it off. I soldered it back on and the engine ran fine, but I guess it wasn't a permanent fix. Wire is still on there good though...

The replacement came in late this afternoon, threw it on and let the engine idle. About 15 min later it was still idling. If its not pouring down rain tomorrow I'll run it some more and know for sure if its fix'd

Unfortunately I didn't record the carb adjustment screw settings and I played with them. I've got the Kohler Service Manual and its recommended turns, but adjusting from there is always fun. Not very good at it yet.
Ah well.

Cheers guys
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