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Kohler Magnum M12 as replacement for K181 in C-series

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I've got a C-85, which has a k181 engine. The connecting rod broke, but fortunately the damage was minimal and I believe I can fix it for just over $100. However, I came across a M12 on craigslist locally for about $200.

Trying to decide if I should grab it and throw it in for the added power, and part out my k181 (or rebuild it and sell it late), recouping maybe $100 - making both options a $100 cost. The m12 is supposed to be ready to drop in - has carb and pto assembly. The m12 came from a wheel horse 312-8. Only other drawback is that I don't know the history, so there's always the risk that it could blow next week.

Does anyone have any suggestions? On one hand I'm reluctant to have a non-matching engine, on the other I'm interested in the opportunity to get more power with out having to get a new tractor. I use it mostly for moving snow, and I don't really run out of power, but I would like to run a blower if I can find one at the right price.

Would the m12 bolt right on the my c-series, or did they change the mounting locations on the 312?

Thanks guys!
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That magnum engine is a good one. The older K series and the magnum engine are pretty much interchangeable. Put it in and enjoy
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