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The K341 is on a 86 JD 216 that was given to me. It has never had a tune up, perhaps a spark plug here or there, but that's it. I will be adding Kirk Engine's breakerless ignition system once it comes in, but before then I was going to get an idea of where it's firing as of right now.

Note the picture below.

First question: The timing sight hole is located where the blue arrow is, correct?

2. When looking through the hole, the only mark I see on the flywheel is labeled in green above. A "1" on top with a "___" in the middle and a "6" below it, looks like someone chiseled in the fraction 1/6. The issue with this is, the Spec number on my motor is 71270, and the only motor that was supposed to have that is Spec 71276 (a spec number that's close to my motor's spec number), a lower rpm K341 that had 16° of timing as opposed to the usual 20°. All of this information can be read on pages 72-73 of Kohler's K91-K341 service manual here:

There are no signs of the "T" for top dead center or "S" or "SP" for the firing point 20° before TDC like it's supposed to be. I'm assuming Kohler had a bad day and put on the wrong flywheel? The only other thing on the flywheel is some pitting in the metal, but those are much more than 20 degrees apart.

Question 3: So, from my picture above, do I have TDC labeled correctly? 16-20° behind the "1/6" on my flywheel (depending on if the mark is at 16 or 20° before TDC).

If so, when I hooked up an inductive timing light to her last night it was firing where the red line is, 8°-9° past the point where the "1/6" mark is lined up with the timing mark on the block. So, if my math is correct, as of right now the engine is firing anywhere between 8° and 12° before TDC, depending on if the "1/6" mark on the flywheel is at 16° or 20° (my money's on it's at 16° before TDC). 20°-8°=12° degrees, 16°-8°=8° degrees.

Has anyone ever had a flywheel the the 1/6 marking instead of "T" and "S" or "SP"?

Is there any good way to figure out if the mark is 16° or 20° before TDC?

Was this a difficult enough post to comprehend?

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