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Kohler K241 ?'s

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I was out messing around with the throttle linkage today. High idle used to be 1,440 rpms unloaded. Now it'll hit 2,200+ rpms loaded, but it sounds 10x's louder. Also before the throttle lever would easily control the rpm and now it seems to wonder around. I'll set it around 1600 rpms and it will slowly increase to ~2000 rpms or so.

Now it mows just as fast in second gear as it used to in third and I opened her up in fourth gear on the road and it felt like I was going quite a bit faster then the 8 mph the John Deere service manual says the max speed is.

All the rpm readings came from my knock-off add on digital tach. So I don't know how accurate that is. I'm starting to wonder if I was over revving it. The engine sounded great. Like it was on steroids. As far as I know is completely factory except for the exhaust stack I put on, which you can look straight through the muffler.

I'd really like to grab my gps and see how fast it'll go, but I'm afraid of damaging it.

Also I could not adjust the idle speed. It was either ~1140 rpms or it was dieing. So I think I need to re-adjust the High/Low idle speed screws. The manual says to turn out the High screw 1.5 turns and the Low screw 2 turns.

I don't understand how the governor linkage is suppose to be set up. I moved the spring in between the governor arm and other arm that connects to the throttle cable and thats how I got the rpms to raise above 1440. I adjusted the adjustment screw on the throttle arm (?) until the spring sat loose on the governor arm at low idle. But that seems to be where I messed up the throttle lever. Unless that adjustment screw has to much tension still and is pulling on the throttle lever too much or something.

Can someone shed some light on this?

Also, is the low idle only controlled by turning the idle speed screw? It seemed like the engine took forever to change rpms after adjusting the screw.

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High rpm should be 3600 or close to it. I try to get the gov set so it will recover to over 3500 once the PTO is engaged and the mower or snowthrower is up to speed. Running an air cooled engine at less that full RPM under a load for any length of time is a good way to overheat them and burn up the rings, causing premature oil burning and smoking. Idle I normaly set by ear and is the lowest she will run without stalling, loading up or cutting out when I come off of idle to full power quickly, called a snap test. More than likely the carb has plugged up jets and grime from our poor excuse of fuel we call gas. The ethanol in the fuel seperates from the gas portion and is very corrosive to the carb parts, gums up the jets with a brown goo that even our best clearers and soaker can will hardly do anything with. If my 110 will sit for any length of time, I shut off the fuel on the bottom of the tank, and run her still she dies. Mike
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