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Kohler K series motors

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I'm just curious...

I was at an auction yesterday and they had 3 Kohler K series motors. I'm not exactly sure which model they were... but they looked like the 18-23 HP motors found on the HT series tractors. They were a stand alone motor with the gauges mounted on top. I suspect they were used to run the pump rigs at a well site. I wasn't able to get a close look at them, but they looked to be all there, and in fairly good cosmetic shape. I don't know if they ran or not. Any idea what 3 of these, complete, would be worth? They were painted green, in what looked like the original HT23 green.

These did not sell... and are still sitting on the shelves. I thought about stopping up there and making an offer. I thought they would make good motors... or help someone in need of parts... internal or cosmetic (sheet metal).

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Not running,150 each. You never know what might be wrong with them. Surprisingly, very few used parts will actuallly sell on ebay.usually the carbs and heads will selll easy, everything else just sits.
Here is a picture of what the motor looks like. I'm 99% sure it was used to run a pump jack... I actually drove up and double checked that they still had them. They also had (and I didn't realize what it was till it was sold). A diesel motor... a Ducati none the less... so i'm wondering if it was the same model or similar to what they offered in the HT. It looked like it had been in storage most of it's life.


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Here is an actual picture of one of the 3 motors... along with a few other things I tried to buy.

The Ford 1700 is dirty in this picture - but it was a 9.5 out of 10 for condition. It was extremely clean once they washed it.

The Red Brush Hog was huge.. never seen one like it. It also sold for over $2500.00.. so it must have been very expensive new.

The Finish mower didn't sell. I'm hoping someone can help me figure out what brand it is. It didn't have any markings on it... but i'd like to make an offer on it if it's still available.

Last is the Pump Jack with Motor - any idea what kind of motor that is? Also, I was told these all ran on natural gas..... I wonder what I have to convert to run them on gas?


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Blue one is an onan

Different carb maybe cyl heads
Buy the blue one, pump some oil, then buy the rest!!!
Boy having a spare K482 or 532 would be awesome. Maybe you can find out if they run or if they would let you have a closer look.
I'm not sure what type of shaft they have. I know they had a large 3 rib pulled on them.... it was so busy I only got a glance.
They would be great parts engines if nothing else.
Shrouds, manifolds, carps, governors, heads (with good plug threads), starters all sell fairly well on eBay, but to make good money, you have to get them for $50 apiece.
I'd have bought one for $50 just to get the full sheet metal set and a couple of spare heads.
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I have come actoss a few of those engines and they typically have 1 7/16" crankshafts or output shaft.
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