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Kohler expansion in MS

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Y'all may have already heard this but Kohler engines has now decided to consolidate their Wisconsin operations into their Hattiesburg, MS facility. They announced a 20M expansion program that will add around 200 - 250 new jobs in a recently leased 300K sq.ft. facility. That's a boost for the city that's just down the road from us.
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Yeah, and the big problem with that is Hattiesburg has a horrible quality issues. Wisconsin gets sent all of the recall repairs from Hattiesburg engines.
I recall from what the plant manager said is they are saving 33$ per engine to move down there. But that's wages and the 18 million incentive
A close friend of mine was a supervisor for many years at Kohler Hattiesburg and has since moved to Canton, MS to work as a supervisor at the Nissan plant. He told me exactly the opposite and stated that the engines from Wisconsin were the worst engines in the Kohler line but if you bought one built in Hattiesburg you got a good one. He also said they had lines set up to receive rebuilds built in Wisconsin and had a separate line set up just for that with never had a slow day. When I was buying my Cub back in '03 he told me how to identify where the engine was built by character designations in the serial# and if it did not have that to stay clear. The engine in my old Cub was built in Hattiesburg and has been going strong for 16 years now. Anyway, I guess we'll see if the quality slips won't we? :thThumbsU
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I worked in an auto plant for a few years, we always said we built the best cars in the company.......Pride I guess.
Like that nice warm fuzzy feeling you get knowing that you have personally done your absolute best when asked to perform a given task. :thThumbsU
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