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Kohler engine siezed

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My son's son to be father in law gave me a Cub Cadet to mess with. The engine, a 19 hp Kohler Courage, had locked up with a little under 200 hours on the engine. I disassembled the engine. The piston was stuck to the bore. There was a dark brown goo more akin to roofing cement in the bore and all over the piston. There is also nasty brown sludge in the bottom of the crankcase. Here are a couple of pictures.



Bottom of crankcase

In the process of trying to clean the crud off the piston, I tried a variety of solvents. I tried gasoline, acetone, toluene, xylene, lacquer thinner, and naptha. Nothing dissolved it. After giving it a little thought I tried water. It dissolved instantly!

I daresay that someone put sugar in the tank. I know some will say that sugar does not dissolve in gasoline but sugar will certainly dissolve in ethanol and since much of the gasoline is 10% ethanol, my conclusion is sugar in the tank.

To be honest I think someone dumped a Mountain Dew or green Gatoraide into the tank. The green coloration on the piston and light green deposits on the head suggest that is a possibility.

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I forgot to include pictures of the combustion area under the head. Note the green deposits. I sc***** some of it away as I wanted to collect a sample for possible future analysis.

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I grabbed my parts spray gun and washed things down with some soapy water. The engine looks like it has 200 hours on it with no apparent damage. It is on it's way back together.
I've seen engine with thousands os hours on them cleaner than that one. Shows signs of being deliberate.
I believe you are correct Don. I am going to further qualify it by saying it was indeed deliberate vandalism.

For years I have heard what sugar in the gas does but have never seen it. Now I can say that I have seen it.

Looks like sugar to me...
I don't know what else turns to a sticky, brown, gummy mess in an engine that washes away in warm water in seconds.
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