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Kohler CV18 Flywheel Magnet

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Removed a flywheel from a Kohler CV18 engine. I dropped one of the magnets, and it broke pretty much exactly in half ! When I epoxy them (magnets) back in the fly wheel should I equally space the brake point of the broken one (equal space as other magnets) or keep the brake in the broken one as close as possible together.
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thanks for the info I'll give it a try...........I can get the pieces to touch as the break is clean
Glued and equally spaced the magnets to the fly wheel, and kept the broken one as tight as possible ( no glue between pieces).....let set up overnight, replaced the flywheel and started the engine, the amp meter is showing charge........I think it works. However what precipitated the disassembling of the fly wheel was negative charging when engine running. When PTO switch was engaged or brake released the engine would die ( Husqvarna YTH180 tractor). Figured there wasn't enough electrical power to engage the PTO (replaced PTO switch), engine still dies. The seat occupied switch seems to work, I will check the brake switch and see what happens.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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