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Kohler cv15 low rpm question.

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Why do I have 2500 rpm maximum ? How do I raise it?

Here are the details:
This is a junkyard engine that had a very dirty carb. I dont know the correct terms but i think one fuel port that is in the center is clogged. It is a very tiny tube inside of a larger tube that the bowl nut (or solinoid) screws into. Do you know what I mean? Is that a cause of lower than normal RPM?

The only adjustment is called "idle fuel", I think. It has a plastic stop on the screw, I guess that means it is not an adjustment. ? It will not turn.
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the 2500 maximum rpm might be from whatever type equipment it was previously installed on you should be able to adjust the governor setting to achieve the proper speed you can download the service manual from the kohler website for free which will tell you how to adjust the governor
This engine came off a lawnmower, and I assume it was orignal.
Here is a thread in the ghost forum:

i am thinking that this govenor is set where it needs to be and the problem is elsewhere. (dirty carb) To change govenor the setting might eventually cause problem. However I could check the setting....duh.

-Do you think the low RPM will lead to lack of airflow and thus overheating? How serious is that concern?

-also, the RPM's were not stable.
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the low air flow shouldnt hurt it as long as it isnt being worked really hard but since you just posted that the rpm were not stable i would suggest rebuilding the carb as that may be more likely where the problem is
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