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Kohler Commander VS Courage - What's the Difference?

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I hope this isn't annoying repeat question. If there is a post already, please forward me the link and save the typing.

Strangely, I did a search, and kept coming up with 0 hits, even though I KNOW I've read those names repeatedly on this forum. Gremlins in the search engine....

Anyway, I have a "Kohler Pro" engine, and am trying to figure out if it's a "Command", a "Courage", or simply a "Pro." All help is good help!

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Thanks, Brett.

Looks like I have... NEITHER. Mine has features from both, It seems. I guess the PRO is an older predecessor of these two engines.

The hydraulic lifters are present, but it's not fuel injected, I don't think. I guess I need to keep researching. Thanks for the links and the info!

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