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Kohler 22hp motor?

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I have a Woods mow'n machine M2250 that I do the mowing with and (you wont believe this) it all of a sudden dyed on one cylinder. I pulled the valve cover with the anticipation of having to either do a head gasket or valve job because it still had enough compression to run but was pumping some oil back to the carb, and guess what I found. The rocker arm and bolt fell out of the cover. I put them back on, torqued it down and it runs fine. I knew it was down on power but I thought it was because of the 6200 hrs that I have on the mower. I cant believe it didn't vibrate, sound like it was missing or anything until it just lost power and then I started to check things and found that side dead but it still had spark, fuel and compression.
I just need to ask everyones openion about this because I don't want to mess up a $8,000 mower before its time. My intentions are to put some seafoam in the oil and run it for about 20 min then change the oil and filter and after about 2 hrs run time retork the rocker, but I want to ask everyone with better knowledge of small engine's than me before I run it to much. If someone had told me this had happened I would have thought they were full of crap because of all the auto work I have done. But I guess small motors are a different ball game.
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Good catch and fix on your part! I believe this is the 3rd incidence I've read of on this exact issue on the Command series V-twin Kohlers. You're lucky it didn't break the boss that the rocker hold-down stud threads into and lucky the pushrod didn't smash the rocker arm through the plastic valve cover. That's the usual result if I recall correctly. So much for a maintenance free, hydraulic lash adjuster equipped "premium, commercial grade" engine! I guess the moral of the story is, any undue noise or power loss, pull the valve covers and take a look. I'd probably loctite those babies on even.

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but I thought it was because of the 6200 hrs that I have on the mower.
Six THOUSAND hours ?
If the gage is right and I didn't read it wrong that is what it shows. I inherited it when my father passed in 08 and he used it like and golf cart plus to mow a 7acre yard. He was disabled and loved the mower. He road it daily, every morning to get the paper and again at noon to check the mail which was about a mile round trip each time. He had the oil changed 3 times a year and new plugs and air filter every year. If it didn't have a grease fitting where he thought it needed one he drilled and taped a hole for a zerk. I currently mow 3 yard a week with it and keep it well maintained as he did. It has always been either garaged or in my case it stays under a shed with my other toys. When I stated $8000 that was approximately what he gave for it new in 1999 or 2000 I can't remember for sure. She has put out a little puff of smoke no cold start-up for the past two years but this is the first mechanical problem it has had other than I think this is the 3rd seat that is on it and 5Th set of tires.
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