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Kobalt tape measure.

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35 ft. Kobalt tape measure I bought about a year ago I've used a lot. It replaced a Stanley Fat max I had since 2000. I've used the Kobalt a lot measuring shorter stock. The other day I used the whole 35 feet of the measure. When finished the tape would not retract all the way, 10 feet remained . Don't know if this is a big problem or not..

Yesterday I returned it to Lowes for a no hassle trade. That was just what it was no hassle. Go pick out a new one return to the coustomer service counter to get the anti theift thingy fixed and out the door.

None of the B/S I've had to deal with returning husky stuff to Home Depot and worst of all getting new batteries for my Rigid cord less tools.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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