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Kioti CK2210 Sub-Compact Tractor

Kioti Tractor is the trade name for Daedong tractors in North America and Europe. Daedong Industrial Company, Ltd. which is based in Daegu, South Korea, was founded in 1947, producing its first tractor in 1968. In 1993, Daedong expanded into the US market with Daedong-USA, Inc. and established the Kioti Tractor brand. Currently, Kioti Tractor markets over 40 different tractor models in the United States and Canada, ranging from 22 to 110HP, zero-turn mowers, as well as UTV’s model’s, and a number of attachments and implements.

Sub Compact CS Series is the smallest tractors among Kioti product line, yet powerful enough to meet all demands, making it perfect for a wide variety of tasks. 3-cylinder diesel engine with hydrostatic transmission delivers power while keeping fuel consumption low. Standard differential lock, rear and mid PTOs and category I three-point hitch allows to take jobs with ease.
HST provides clutch-free forward and reverses the movement. The infinite, 2-range hydrostatic transmission engages easily with twin pedals that allow for quick forward and reverse operation. The CS Series features power steering, illuminated instrument panel, a 12-volt power outlet, and an ergonomically designed workstation. All controls are in easy reach of the operator. Equipped with wet disc brakes, an adjustable seatbelt, headlights, safety lights, and hydrostatic power steering.

Engine Gross Power: 21.1 hp (15.7 kW), PTO Type: Independent; Transmission Type: Hydrostatic; Premium, water-cooled diesel engine. Rear differential lock. Ergonomic operator workstation. Mid PTO. Rear PTO and Category I three-point hitch. Twin HST Pedals for effortless forward/reverse movement.

Few words about KIOTI tractor attachments and implements. Front Loader is a heavy-duty attachment used in construction or farming or gardening to move aside or load materials such as asphalt, dirt, snow, feed, gravel, logs, raw minerals, recycled material, rock, sand, woodchips, etc. There are many types of loader, which, depending on design and application, are called by various names, including bucket loader, front loader, front-end loader, payloader, scoop, shovel, skip loader, wheel loader, or skid-steer. Kioti Front Loader arched low profile maximizes operator's visibility and is well-matched with unique hood style. Entire loader, except mounting, can be quickly detached from the tractor. A built-in parking stand on the front end loader provides quick and easy connection. Parking stand comes standard. Mid-mount style frame for engine accessibility.

Backhoe (optional attachment). A tractor backhoe is one of the best attachments for many types of different jobs. Backhoes vary in capabilities, including digging force and dig depth, depending on the size chosen, as well as the horsepower and hydraulics of your compact tractor. The larger and deeper the hole, the more horsepower, and hydraulics you'll need on the tractor. Digging depths generally range from 6 to 12. They require rear auxiliary hydraulics sometimes referred to as “power beyond hydraulics.” If you have trenching or deeper holes to dig, a backhoe attachment for your tractor is a “must-have.” Kioti backhoe has a four-point mounting frame. Can be factory assembled or attached by your tractor dealer. Responsive two-lever hydraulic control with exceptional feathering characteristics. Anti-drop load-checks. Standard buckets: 8", 12" and 16” wide ditch bucket. Entire backhoe except for mounting frame is quick-detached from the tractor. All buckets have replaceable teeth.

Kioti Box Blade or Gannon Box. Generally, range from 5 to 8 feet wide. If the blade is too wide, your tractor might not have enough power to operate it; if it's too narrow, the blade will not be as efficient. The more adjustable the blade is, the higher the price. The most economic blades allow vertical axis adjustments only.

Price for CK2210 tractor loader depends on monthly factory promotions and/or dealer incentives. Starting from $12 950 and up to $15K. This price does not include backhoe and/or a box blade attachments.

Yanmar SA221 Tractor

Yanmar brand, well-known for building engines for John Deere tractors, in 2014 introduced their own sub-compact SA Series Tractors. SA Series comes with 21.5- and up to 24-horsepower models. Provide the versatility for any job on the land. Popular for 2 to 25 acres.

Powered by a Yanmar three-cylinder diesel making 21.5 gross and 15.6 PTO horsepower. Include hydrostatic transmission with dual pedals for simplified operation. Power steering for less operator fatigue. Power takeoff (PTO) and three-point hitch for attachments. Position control is standard.

Standard features also include a mid/high-back seat (fixed back with armrests), loader joystick incorporated into the right fender cowl, poly hood and fenders, cup holder, and folding ROPS. MSRP for the SA2210 tractor loader - $14,940. Warranty - 10 years or 3,000 hours (whichever comes first) on all new YANMAR tractor purchases from January 1, 2019, through December 31, 2019, doubling the length of the previous 5-year limited powertrain promotion.

Regardless of how many acres you own or property you need to maintain, you know that you will need the right tools to get the job done. Tractors are a great choice to help you dig, move, grade, trench, build, mow, plow, plant, harvest, or haul equipment and supplies. Whether you are building a barn or a house, taking care of horses, cattle, homesteading, landscaping, farming, cultivating, for plowing and soil preparation, making an informed choice when buying a new tractor, or carefully choosing a good used tractor for your use.

The SA221 packs the power from a much larger tractor. That means the SA221 can do serious work with a front-end loader, a hydraulic backhoe and 3-point hitch attachments for mowing, tilling, planting, digging, plowing and so much more. Yanmar designs and builds the major components – engine, front axle, transmission, and last drive – to work together. Also smoothly integrate these features and optional attachments to get more work done quickly.

Yanmar-designed front-end loader, with a class-leading lift capacity of 825 pounds and quick-attach for buckets, forks, and other attachments; 60-inch, mid-mount, drive-over mower. Dual hydraulic pumps. Smooth hydraulic power steering. One-touch on/off, electro-hydraulic, independent rear PTO.

Yanmar Tractor Box Scrapers – Box Blades – Gannon Box – No matter what you call it, is the best for leveling, scraping, and breaking up even the hardest ground. Tractor box blades have cutting edges on both the front and back of the box (blades on both sides of the box) and are functionally used as scrapers in a forward or backward direction to push or pull material – they do both functions of pushing dirt like a dozer, and pulling dirt create a level surface and grade. Most box blades also have ripper teeth on a toolbar that can be adjusted for depth or lifted out-of-the-way when grading. These teeth allow you to penetrate and break up hard soil quickly. Ripper teeth on the front of the box loosen compact soil, and then the blade follows to scrape or and smooth the ground for a nice finish. Box blades are great for driveway maintenance and washouts; as the scraper drags behind the tractor, it moves gravel from high spots and areas and redistributes it to low spots. They also make good snow plows and snow-removal devices, especially in heavy or wet snow conditions. Box blades range from 4 to 8 feet in width and need to be properly matched to the tractor. Box Scraper Blades do a lot of things well, and if you had to choose only one tractor attachment, this is it!

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I like the Yanmar and feel the pricing is right on them. They look a bit tall for track width. How safe are they on hills?
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