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Anyone know what this lamp means? Checked water level good and not losing coolant. Temp is fine and the temp gauge appears to be working. replaced fuel filter, however did find leaf bits in the fuel pump and cleared. Can't find a sensor on water reservoir or radiator. Only find two heat sensors. One on thermostat housing and I felt around on the back of the head and I think there is another back there. Replaced engine oil it was time. Wondering if it's trying to tell water/low pressure is somewhere in the trans system, but oil looks so clean it's hard to even see it on the stick. However the pump/loader systems seem a little weak/wankie. Bought the machine used and being an old city tractor it was badly abused and in truth I badly abuse it too. Yet I like the little rascal and after a year wiping on it I may buy a brand new 70hp or what ever the biggest size in the littler machine series. This one I want to keep as for the cab/tractor seems tuff. Running it under the opening of tree limbs and just pushing them up and out of the way on the exit, running down in gullies scaping the dirt with a shredder all the way.


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